Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Featured Product 3/19/07

This Week's Featured Product:

BOHMEN H.I.D. 9000K Retrofit Conversion Kit (Ultra Iceberg Blue)

A 35W HID, up to 3~4 x the lumens at the source compared to a 55W halogen bulbs
Capsule aligned to the original bulb filament, and the original beam pattern is not altered.
Exact size and fitting to your OEM halogen bulb. 100% Reversable.
5" silicone coated wires with Silicone rubber grommet for an additional seal.
AMP waterproof sealed connectors.
Fully sealed. Full function between DC 12V/24V (9-32 volts).
World Smallest size (2.75" x 2.75" x 1.25") & weather resistant Ballast.
Extra long 20" wiring harness to igniter, 24" wiring harness to your power source.
Sealed compact Igniter with Intel Pentium chipset. Three stage auto safety features prevent Ballast overload due to high heat, power spike.
Silicone sealed wiring harness Precision manufacturing ensures straight vertical alignment.
Exact size and fitting to your OEM power source. Polarity insensitive, therefore you can not "fry" the Ballast. Full-proof positive (+) & negative (-) specific connection.
Highest German Industry Standard OEM quallity D2 HID Bulb, UV cut class with AMP sealed protection system, up to 3200 hours
6 Months Replacable Manufacture Warranty on all parts.

Pick up your HID Kits and visit our auto parts and accessories store for more great auto accessories!


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